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Saving Our Planet OneCompostCan at a Time

OneCompostCan ensures that your food scraps are reinvested into our local farmlands, not landfills or burn plants.  By composting we leverage Mother Nature’s original method of recycling by regenerating today’s food waste into an enriched resource in order to grow a greener tomorrow.  


We offer a simple and convenient service.  We provide the can, you fill it, we collect it and swap it out with a clean can on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  In addition, OneCompostCan subscribers have access to discounts to our Farm-to-Table and other planet friendly merchandise, access to promotions, and we will Plant 1 Tree for every 10 OneCompostCans collected.


We currently collect residential and commercial food scraps from New Jersey’s Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Southern Morris, Northern Burlington and Pennsylvania’s Bucks Counties.


With your help we can improve our environment, protect our climate and foster food resiliency.  Together we can produce PLANET POSITIVE benefits for a sustainable future.  


OneCompostCan Can Save Our Planet


A Simple Habit Can Make a Huge Impact 

Be part of the circular food loop and do your part to help combat global warming and the risk of climate change while living a sustainable existence. 

With your commitment to a simple habit, 
OneCompostCan is proud that our actions locally provide PLANET POSITIVE impact globally.

April 2022

Garbage Factory

Rescued 86,255 lbs of Food Waste from landfills to improve soil health and biodiversity locally

Snowy Mountain

Prevented 219,415 lbs of Greenhouse Gases 

spewing out of landfills and accelerating global warming


Planted 137 Trees to help clean the air we breathe and capture carbon to reduce global warming

Composting Partners

Composting Partners

We are proud to support our commercial Composting Partners who are doing their part to help Save Our Planet OneCompostCan at a Time and we encourage you to Buy Local and support these businesses who have gone the extra mile to improve our communities.

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