Rudolph (Dolph) Geurds born and raised in New Jersey and owner of Terra Preta LLC and mastermind behind OneCompostCan that provides residential and commercial composting collection services.  Driven to make our planet and community a better place, Dolph has been rescuing food scraps from landfills and reinvesting them to enrich the health and biodiversity of our soil - making a very dark and fertile soil as found in the Amazon - thus Terra Preta.  Dolph and his family of 6 live together in Pennington.

Don Farineau owner of Living Beanstalk LLC is pursuing several plant positive projects to reduce the risk of global warming by restoring farm lands, promoting regenerative farming and renewable energy practices, influencing life-style habits with products and experiences to live a more sustainable and carbon light existence.  One of these projects includes collaborating with OneCompostCan by Terra Preta by providing GroundSWELL reFARM to compost food scraps rescued by OneCompostCan in Hopewell, NJ.   Don has enjoyed New Jersey for the more than 18 years and currently lives with his partner in Asbury Park and looks forward to exploring and experience more of New Jersey in the years to come.