Food Waste Compost

OneCompostCan Composting Guide

Our general rule is IF IT GROWS IT GOES into the compost and

when in doubt throw it out ... or better yet recycle!

Domestic Waste Bin

Do Compost

  • All Food Waste (Cooked or Raw)

  • Coffee Grounds / Filters

  • Meat, Bones, Seafood

  • Eggshells, Nut Shells, Nuts & Pits

  • Dairy and Non Dairy Alternatives

  • Baked Goods & Grains

  • Paper, Paper towels and napkins

  • Pizza Boxes

  • Leaves

  • Flowers, Plant Trimmings

Garbage Dumpster

Do Not Compost

  • Produce Stickers

  • Plastics & Styrofoam

  • Glass, Metal, Foil

  • Excessive Oils / Liquids (Fats, Grease, etc)

  • Pet Waste, Diapers, baby wipes

Black Soil