Residential  Pick Up

One or more 5 Gallon cans picked up on a Weekly or Twice a Month basis

Residential Drop Off

We are exploring options and collecting interest.  Please contact us if you would be interested in a drop off location near you

Commercial Pick Up

One or more 35-Gallon containers serviced based on your unique needs

Composting Advocacy

In home composting solutions, educational or other advocacy events

Residential Services


OneCompostCan allows residents without the time, space or desire to manage a compost bin on their own to do their part to protect the environment and provide for a more sustainable and planet friendly existence.

How it works

Hands on Deck


Subscribe for Weekly or Twice a Month OneCompostCan Service

Click Sign up and select your OneCompostCan service plan.  Within 3 business days you will receive a welcome enrollment email with service-related information and we will deliver you a OneCompostCan so that you can get started.

Organic Compost


Simply toss your food scraps into your OneCompostCan

Fill your OneCompostCan with your rescued food scraps.  If it grows it goes in your OneCompostCan and if in doubt throw it out ... or better yet recycle.  


Please consult your Composting Guide

White Minibuses


 Leave out and we swap your 

OneCompostCan  with a Clean Can 

Leave your OneCompostCan out front by your door / steps on your designed day and we swap it with a fresh clean can.  We send text reminders the day before to help remind you to leave your OneCompostCan out by 7:00 am. 


OneCompostCan currently collects food scraps from residential and commercial locations from New Jersey’s Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Southern Morris, Northern Burlington and Pennsylvania’s Bucks Counties.


If we are not currently collecting food scraps from your neighborhood, then no problem.  Please contact us and we will work with you to expand our service to your neighborhood.