30% of All Food Produced is Wasted

Our population is growing, our planet resources are finite and we are a society that consumes and wastes more than our planet can safely support. The methane gas generated from food waste in landfills is a huge contributor to global warming and this problem will only get BIGGER unless we act now.  We can do more to live a sustainable existence within our planetary boundaries. At OneCompostCan we believe that with YOUR help, we can take the simple habit of composting and make a world of difference.

Let’s Work Together and Save Our Planet OneCompostCan at a Time

White Fence


Less rodent traffic in and around areas where trash is stored


Regeneration food waste into healthy soil and improving the resiliency of our local food systems


Support for local businesses committed to composting and PLANET POSITIVE practices


Less smelly trash and reduction in disposal waste and drain clogs 


Access to compost for your garden at the end of the compost cycle 


Discounts to OneCompostCan Shop and Promotional Discounts for local businesses 


Satisfaction that you are helping to improve the environment as one of many planet positive actions you can take


Reduces methane gas from landfills and carbon from burn plants both of which heat up the atmosphere


Healthier plants and increased resilience against environmental disturbance 


Through tree planting we can further carbon-capturing from the atmosphere 


Help meet the challenges for a sustainable tomorrow to be carbon neutral by 2050